Deal Breakers – Feet or Mouth or both

This is a new segment called “Deal Breakers”…lol

Now, we all have things we like physically about a man. It can be his beautiful smile, nice body, nice lips, juicy ass, etc. But we also have things that I’m sure we won’t deal with regardless of how nice the body is, etc.
For me, a man’s mouth (i.e. teeth) and feet are a must for me. If either is fucked up, we got issues!! If both of them are fucked up, then we will be just good associates at best. LOL
I know i might sound a bit shallow but I know what I like to look at. And let’s be real, when I wake up next to you in the morning, I want to smile, not scream. LOL
So, I ask my readers, what would be a deal breaker in this instance? – A man’s feet or his mouth! Let me know!!!

2 thoughts on “Deal Breakers – Feet or Mouth or both

  1. LOL so, ure saying that if he was emotionally, financially, intellectually and physically perfect in every other way besides a snaggle-tooth or yellow toenails, u couldn't get past that?

  2. well technically he isn't physically perfect if his teeth are jacked ..your smile says wonders about you…and yellow toenails. that's indicative of something unhealthy..real talk .LOL

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