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Life Dance Company – Men.Dance.Life

For those of you in the Atlanta area and who appreciate good professional dance, there is a new dance company started by 5 African-American men called “Lift – Man.Dance.Life”. They are premiering their company at the Woodruff Arts Center on May 15. They have two shows – 2pm and 8pm.

If you have time this Saturday, please support them!
For more information, click here to learn more!

In Memoriam: Lena Horne

The Iconic singer and actress Lena Horne passed away today at the age of 92. Lena was the 1st African American woman signed to a major film studio company starring in over a dozen films.

She learned to be a better singing on the urging of her good friend and fellow musician, Billy Strayhorn. Their bond was so tight that after he died, she kept his picture by her bedside for years.
Throughout her career, she experienced discrimination not only from whites but also from some in the black community for her being fair skinned. You can’t win for lose sometimes..eh? Nonetheless, she was a tireless supporter of civil rights for all and continued to be a trailblazer in the entertainment industry.
I had the opportunity to meet her in San Francisco at the Orpheum Theater back in the early 1980’s. She was a nice woman and very classy. She complemented me on my smile and just loved being around “real” folks as she put it. LOL
Rest in Peace Lena! You truly deserve it!
Below is a clip of her singing “Believe In Yourself” from the movie “The Wiz”. She tore this shit up!