House of Representatives passes Health Bill

In what should have been taken care of last year, the House has passed, by a slim margin, the Health Bill! The vote was 219-212 with no Republican support (isn’t that a shocker) and 34 Democrats voting against it. Now it will go back to the Senate to “tweak” a few things before going to President Obama’s desk to be signed.

Overall, I think its a good thing as it will help more of the uninsured, children, etc. but at the same time, the cost is overwhelming and they left out some critical portions of the bill regarding LGBT provisions and HIV/AIDS programs, etc.
Big win for Obama! Now work on creating jobs playa! .LOL
You can see who voted for and against the bill here!

Another R&B star "leaked" video

Huey Newton & Black Panters allies of LGBT Community

The Black Panther Party is probably the most under reported and misunderstood organization from the civil rights movement. Founded by Huey Newton and Bobby Seale in Oakland, CA back in 1966, the aim for the organization was to empower people of African descent during the times of Jim Crow laws and other discriminatory practices against Blacks during that time. They were well known for helping the community not only by activism but also feeding the kids in the neighborhoods breakfast, job fairs, and more.

However, due to the Governments fear of strong black men & women, they led an all out assault on the organization by spreading lies and trying to give the perception that the organization was a terrorist threat to the U.S.
One thing that isn’t talk about much about Huey Newton and the Black Panther Party is its early inclusion and support of gays/lesbians into the organization. Huey Newton was vocal in his support of civil rights for the LGBT community and is probably the first non-gay black organization that led its support to LGBT causes. Thru his support, other civial and racial organizations were born to combat all the discrimination that was (and is still) occurring!
I highly suggest you all do some research on The Black Panther Party. It’s definitely a good read! You can read more about Huey and the BPP here!

Urban Prep Charter Academy

Not too often do you hear about young black men succeeding in academia. You mainly here either their excellence in athletics and/or in the criminal justice system. Well, the first graduating class of the all male, all african-american school in Chicago has something to be proud of and makes a statement as well. All of the graduating class has been accepted into a 4 year college. Now how about that. 🙂 LOL This is also a testament that with hard work, mentoring and overall vision from both parents, teachers and the students that anything is possible.

Now I hope Oprah picks up on this story and gives these students some $$$ for college. Hell if she can go to South Africa for the girls, take care of the boys here in your city!

Read more about Urban Prep Academy and the students right here!

Lesbian Sergeant honorably discharged under "Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell" policy

Sgt. Jene Newsome was outed by Rapid City, SD Police Department for not cooperating in a case with her partner who was in trouble with the law in Alaska. This in turn had her honorably discharged by the military under the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” mandate.
You can read more of this story here!