"FlagBoy" ATL Performances – CANCELLED

I just talked with Cornelius and he mentioned that due to low ticket sales that his one man show “Flag Boy” has been cancelled. It pretty much was cancelled due to inept promoting from the producer – Cartersayles Productions.

I want to thank those who purchased tickets. He is a good guy and its a good show. I’m going to work with Cornelius to bring it to Atlanta in the winter or spring of 2010 and make sure it’s well attended.
Here is the email from Cornelius.
It is with regret that I inform you of Cartersayles Production’s decision to cancel the run of FlagBoy in Atlanta this weekend. The reason was due to lack of advanced ticket sales. I was informed of this final decision by text and email yesterday. Unfortunately Cartersayles Productions did not follow through with the proper marketing of the show, which was outlined thoroughly in the contract that was signed and agreed upon in June.

So, I want to thank you for your personal efforts in marketing the show. After I sent out personal emails and made personal calls, you responded with compassion, diligence, and vigor to help as best you could. Humbly, I say thank you.

For a second my ego, didn’t want me to send this follow up email because of fear of what people may think. However, I’m releasing that and expressing my authentic truth this morning. Someone or something wants to see this project fall. I am disappointed in the outcome of the situation, however, I am and the show is moving on while still standing. FlagBoy shows humility and vulnerability, and he bounces back in the midst of adversity. Premiering the show in ATL this weekend was not the path at this moment, however we will get to ATL. Yes, FlagBoy will make its way to Atlanta – produced in a different capacity. I will keep you updated because in this new venture I’ll need your help more than ever, and I’ll make sure that we are informed well in advance of its premiere. The message speaks louder than just me opening up my life to you onstage. It’s about healing, love, and transformation from the personal to the larger social political dynamics in America. I can’t wait to share the message!

For those who were flying in to Atlanta via airway, my apologies…I do hope there’s someway your airline can accommodate this trip alteration. For those who purchased tickets please direct any and all of your questions to: Stacey Guerrant of Cartersayles Productions – Cartersaylesproductions@gmail.com.

Finally I just want to leave you with these words. Quotetd by Shakti Gawain:

“The Universe will Reward you for taking Risks on its Behalf”

Know that whatever you put your heart to and faithfully stick through, even when it seems like all odds are against you, by taking that leap and following through, you’ll be awakened and enlightened to your real blessing.

Much love and light this Monday morning.

Cornelius Jones Jr.

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