Being Happy Single While Your Friends Are Taken

I stumbled across this blog entry and it really spoke to me on many levels. It pretty much speaks to what’s going on in my life at the moment.

Relationships….Are they overated? Everyone wants to be loved, everyone wants to be able to say “I have that special somebody that I can come home to.” But unfortunately your friend can say all of that and all you have to come home to is a Pepperoni Hot Pocket waiting for you in the freezer.

The holidays are apporaching and everyone is “Boo’ed” up yet you are by yourself wondering why you are still single? But you can most certainly be happy being single while your friends are pre-occupied with relationships.

You remember those days when you and your best friend ran the town, you had wild sex stories to tell each other the next night and the process repeats the next weekend. But recently your friend found a boyfriend and you start to see less and less of them. Now that your friend is gone you kind of have more time on your hands to yourself but the last thing you should dois consider it to be lonliness….FLIP THAT SHIT! Think about it as a chance to put your energy into making your life more exciting. Some things that you can put this new found energy into:

  • Writing a blog [why not get your thoughts out there for the public to read]
  • Plan a little get away by yourself or to meet up with a long lost friend
  • Work out [get that body looking good!]
  • Check out new places you haven’t been before
  • Be more social with other people you haven’t met or have kind of put off to the side
  • Get a pet [you can put all of that love and affection towards it]

One of the most important things is to be greatful for your solitude and your single life while you still have it. You could meet that special person at any point and time and there goes your single life…there goes your worrying about you and you alone. Now you have to think about someone else. Right now you are able to be as spontanious as you want to be but as soon as that man comes along, you are going to have to work someone else into your life and work around their schedule as well.

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