What The Fuck…The Death of Derrion Albert

My heart is heavy after watching the news on the tragic death of Derrion Albert who was killed leaving school last week. 4 young black men killed another Derrion, a honor roll student, who was at the wrong place and the wrong time. A young lady caught it on her cell phone video camera and sent it to police.

This is sad on many fronts. One, is how so many young black men have no love for themselves and each other. And without that, they have regard for life any more. Two, how so many people watched and didn’t intervene to stop it. Three, how with so many black boys getting in gangs and the like, how the black church and family has utterly failed at raising our children.

We, as an African-American community, don’t have to worry about whites and others doing harm to us when we do it readily to ourselves.

2 thoughts on “What The Fuck…The Death of Derrion Albert

  1. Good article and I'm just as outraged as you are, but its not the church's responsibility or the school's responsibility to raise anyone's child. I have a daughter, who by the way doesn't live with me, but I make sure that I am involved in all aspects of her life. I wouldn't dare put the responsibility on the church or her teacher to "raise" her. I'm blessed that my parents instilled in my important morals and values that I use to raise my child. So yes I agree with your closing statement in regards that we as an African American community are killing ourselves. Our community is not going to get any better as long as we sit around and point fingers on who isn't doing what.

  2. My heart has been heavy with this incident. I REALLY believe that this child was a GOOD KID! I also agree that it is not the responsibility of the Black Church to raise our children. Heck kids are also wild in church. We hear all the time "It takes a village," but it seems that everyone else in the village is held accountable– EXCEPT the parent. Stop blaming the teachers, police, church, and everyone else. Let's go after these parents!

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