The Clark Sisters – "Is My Living in Vain" and "Hallelujah"

One of my favorite gospel groups is the Clark Sisters. These women were and still are the best when singing gospel music. “You Brought the Sunshine”, “Hallelujah” and “Is My Living in Vain” are my favorites from them especially since this is when all 5 of the original members were in the group. Yes there were 5 Clark Sisters but Denise dropped out not too long after the release of the album with these songs. They said she dropped out to start her ministry and family but I feel it was other reasons.

Anyway, I’m going to do a double post today of the Clark Sisters. These two songs really hit me right in my soul. It makes me ask God … “Is My Living in Vain?” and then after thinking and thanking God for all that has been done in my life and will happen, I can’t be help shout “Hallelujah”


“Is My Living in Vain”


Aretha Franklin – "Touch Me Up"

It’s Friday and time to hear some good music. “Touch Me Up” is a disco joint from the Queen of Soul – Ms. Aretha Franklin. Many casual listeners don’t know she had 2 disco themed albums but she rocks it with this joint. This is a live version of “Touch Me Up” which sounds a whole lot better than the studio version. You can hear the original on her 1977 release “Sweet Passion”.

This is also one of the few times you see her dancing on video.

She goes to church on this song and check out some of the audience reactions around the 4:45 mark. It’s a hoot! Enjoy.

Stephen Cooper – San Diego Chargers

Football season is coming up in a couple of months and I can’t wait. Outside of track & field and college basketball, football is my favorite sport.

Check out Stephen Cooper with the San Diego Chargers. His sexiness is undeniable. His position is Linebacker but I think he would be better as Wide Receiver or Tight End. What you think? 🙂

Stephen showing his cakes at a charity event. My my. Those cakes!

Book of the Month – Go Tell It on the Mountain

This masterpiece, from the renowned author James Baldwin, was published in 1953. It’s an semi-autobiographical novel based on the author’s experiences as a teenage preacher in a small revivalist church that examines the role of the Christian Church in the lives of African-Americans, both as a source of repression and moral hypocrisy and as a source of inspiration and community.

Known for not shying away about his sexuality, his later works really started touching more on Homosexulity and Bisexuality. However, he does touch the subject slightly in Go Tell It on the Mountain.

I would highly suggest you purchase this book, if you don’t already have it in your library. It is a classic of contemporary African-American literature!

The Best Butt Workout – Exercise Routine

I happened to run across this video on YouTube this morning. Now, I won’t say that this doesn’t work, but to get a juicy firm ass you need to hit the gym and do some heavy squats, lunges and leg presses. You can also do another kind of squatting too but I digress. LOL

Either way you will get a nice ass in no time!

Get into the video!

"The Wiz" is back on Broadway with Ashanti as Dorothy!

One of my favorite movies is “The Wiz”. I wasn’t able to see it on Broadway with the stellar Stephanie Mills playing the title role but I did catch the movie. It got much slack when it was released, mainly because Diana laid some pussy on Gordy and gave major BITCH to get the role. Either way, I loved it and I think it was one of the few times she actually sang and the music and dancing was amazing. Plus the storyline is something I can truly identify with.

NOW…LOL…if you don’t know, they are reviving “The Wiz” on Broadway and Ashanti has been cast as Dorothy. WHAT THE FUCK? Clutching my pearls til i turn blue! LOL …Out of all these singers who can SANG, they chose her? HUH. I never really cared for Ashanti mainly because her singing reminds me of a continual Karaoke performance. LOL. I won’t say she is a bad singer but nothing like, lets say Patti, Chaka, Lalah, the old Whitney, etc. And if I see her pop her neck to the left while she sings one more time, i’m gonna slap her. LOL.

Well for those of us who aren’t in NYC while this runs on Broadway, check out the clip below of her performing some of the signature songs from the play!

As one of my Broadway friend told me, when pop/r&b singers or actors start hitting Broadway and other chitlin circuit plays, it pretty much means their career is “El Floppo”. I guess with her and Nelly not making $ from albums, someone got to bring in the bacon! LOL

You all tell me what you think of Miss Ashanti!

Casting out the "Homosexual" Spirits (What the Fuck?)

Through my journey called Life, I’ve learned its more about understanding the spiritual relationship (1 on 1) with God and not getting caught up in religions, cults, etc. I was raised in a Baptist environment and thankfully, to some progressive thinking parents, I was taught to focus more on the spiritual and not the religious. Cuz i think we can all attest we know lots of folks who are religious and not spiritual …and vice versa!

Well this leads me into this very disturbing video I found on Xtube and read from another blog. In this video a young black gay man is having the “homosexual” spirit cast out of him by some of the church members. I don’t know whats worse in the video – the fools thinking they are casting out the “homosexual” spirit or the young man who actually thought that this bullshit would work. Whomever you think is the bigger fool, I think we can all agree, they ALL need prayer and a true spiritual awakening.

I would love your comments on this!

Part 1