Dorion Standberry – Exposed

Dorion Standberry, from BET’s “College Hill – Atlanta”, is a model/actor who is the latest celebrity in having their personal/private photos leaked on the net. It seems a bitter Ex hacked his email/twitter account and posted not only nude photos of him but also conversations with a man he might be dating and/or fucking and also names and private #’s to well known celebrities. DAMN DAMN DAMN.

I think what gives this story more legs is the fact he denies being gay. He was interviewed this morning on V-103 and the DJ ripped into him about it but he still denies he is gay! Unfortunatetly, like many black/latino celebrities whom we know are gay, he will deny it ’til the day he dies even though we have leaked photos and the sexually based conversation with this unidentified man. It just makes say “Yeah Right”.

Today’s Lesson: Watch who you bring into your circle. You never know who is gonna turn their back on you!

Well get into the X rated photos below! I must admit, he got a long thick dick! 🙂

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