I’m Just Through….

I can’t win for lose here in the ATL. I never thought in a city with all these gay brothers I would have such a hard time trying to find someone sincere who wants to date me.

I always seem to meet guys who are just so jaded from the dating experience they got walls as big as the Great Wall in China. If not that, then I tend to meet guys who are just out of a bad relationship and need time to recover! And if its not that, I meet a great brother but he doesn’t live in my city. 😦 Or i meet a cool brother but he is only into white boys! (Thats a blog I’ll hit on soon).

Yet I am still amazed how some brothers can meet quality brothers yet fuck up the relationships. I’m just at a loss for words with that. LOL With so many brothers struggling with their sexuality, whom drown out their problems in drugs, alcohol and just outright whoring, its a breath of fresh air to meet a brother who is comfortable with their sexuality, educated, working hard, law abiding, and spiritual! Then if he is a freak, its icing on the cake! LOL

I’m just so tired of meeting guys and they tell me how real cool and friendly i am, they love my vibe, etc. yet they don’t want to date me. I hear every excuse “I’m just too busy with other things”, “I just got out of a relationship and i need time to heal”, and the list goes on and on.

I am not saying that they aren’t speaking the truth but I honestly feel most are lying saying that shit because they truly don’t want to say what’s really on their mind about me. They don’t want to date me cuz i’m not their type (i.e I’m ugly) or not super thuggish or not in the “tax bracket” they desire or what the real reason is they can’t deal with me being honest with my HIV status.

I don’t know…I’m just becoming totally frustrated and literally at a point of throwing in the towel and truly thinking I’ll be single for the rest of my life. I don’t want to say it but I mean over the last few years, the way brothers are acting here in the ATL its like what else is there?

How I have longed for the day when a brother tells me “Rodney, I love you” …35 going on 36 years and still haven’t heard that from a brother who is interested in me!

Makes me wonder why I am still living!

6 Naked Brothers – RAW

For all my peeps into off broadway theater or those just wanna see black men naked, I just found this tidbit about a play happening this Saturday in NYC called “Raw” .

I don’t know much about it as I just read about it today but from the flyer and the brief synopsis, it doesn’t seem too bad to check out.

Get more information here!

Audra McDonald singing at a NY Marriage Equality Rally

I found this on one of my favorite blog by Frank Leon Roberts. On this day there were 2 rallys going on in NYC – one for Marriage Equality in Downtown while one for the opposition in midtown lead by a black congressman from the Bronx (what a shame). I wonder what demons he is truly fighting.

One day Same-Sex Marriage will be the law of the land!

Anyway, catch the video of Broadway and Film Actress Audra McDonald beautifully singing an amazing song called “Some Days”. The song is based on the words from the renowed and gay poet James Baldwin!

Meet Bry’Nt: Openly Gay Rapper

I’m not too much into hip hop these days. It’s overly produced and unfortunately very negative and void of thought. And let’s not talk about how homophobic most of the mainstream rappers portray themselves in public (but we all know giving up the dick and ass in private).

So its refreshing to see a hip hop artist that is breaking the mold and is actually admitting to the world he is gay! His name is Bry’Nt

I listened to some of his work and it’s ok but i’m sure with better production, he will be a force!

I’m definitely feeling the songs – “Beat it Up” and “State Ya Name”.

So I ask you, do you think he has what it takes to make it in the rap world, or does homophobia have too much of a stranglehold on Hip-Hop to ever permit such a thing to happen?

Check out his performance below!

In Living Color – "Men on …."

One of the best comedy skit shows ever on TV was “In Living Color” produced by the ridiculously talented and underrated Wayans Family. This show started off on Fox when it didn’t mind being raunchy and non politically correct. I think those of us who watched the show during its airing can attest that Saturday Night Live and now Mad TV couldn’t match this show. The cast was amazing and the skits varied from the overly outrageous to almost true to life it was scary..LOL

I think some of the best skits were from the two gay characters – Antoine and Blaine. The “Men on …” skits are classic and just amazed me how most times they were able to stay in character while the audience was roaring at their words and antics.

Below are 3 of my favorite skits from them including the infamous Men on Football that was done during the SuperBowl halftime. Unfortunately if you buy the box set of In Living Color, the Men of Football is the edited version and deletes the talk about Carl Lewis and Richard Gere. CLASSIC!


Men on Books!

Men on Film 2

Men on Football (unedited)

Morehouse Graduation

Today was the graduation at the prestigious Doll ..i mean Morehouse 🙂

On the serious tip, I am happy for all the brothers at Morehouse and colleges around the nation and world for achieving this milestone. There is nothing more sexy than a brother with some book smarts!

But this photo of the Morehouse Glee Club from our Atlanta newspaper online just had me thinking and dying of laughter…LOL

I’m sure half, if not more, of the guys in this photo are master dick suckers and booty eaters 🙂

Happy Graduation!

Minister of Music at Historic 16th Street Baptist Church Pleads Guilty to Sexual Misconduct with a Male Teen

Thanks to Rod 2.0 online for this crazy ass story out of Birmingham, Alabama!

Another tragic example of living in the closet in the homophobic black church. The minister of music at Birmingham, Alabama’s historic 16th Street Baptist Church—the target of the racially-motivated 1963 church bombing that killed four girls—and a former band director at a local high school pleads guilty to a charges connected to having sex with a 17-year-old male student.

“Patrick Jerome Whitehead, 33, was charged in April with first-degree sodomy and first-degree sexual abuse in connection with the male student. But one of the felony charges was dropped and the other was amended to sexual misconduct, a misdemeanor, in connection with a plea deal reached before Whitehead’s scheduled preliminary hearing. Jefferson County District Judge Sheldon Watkins followed the plea deal by giving Whitehead a suspended 12-month sentence and ordering unsupervised probation. Whitehead, who has resigned from his teaching post, also must register as a sex offender, said Emory Anthony, one of Whitehead’s lawyers.”

Police officers discovered the high school band director—parked in his car near campus—having (anal) sex with the student. The reduced charges and plea deal brokered with the parents leads to suspicion the sex was consensual and/or there was a relationship.

The age of consent in Alabama is 16-years-old and it would have been difficult to prosecute Whitehead if the relationship were consensual. Whitehead’s arrest has resulted in a media feeding frenzy and an Alabama House committee just approved legislation making it illegal for a teacher or school employee to have sex with a student under age 19.

Parked in a car having sex near the high school? It’s no wonder Whitehead couldn’t bring the student home. Patrick Jerome Whitehead is married.

Truly Amazing. Fucking outside the high school he teaches. Couldn’t he get a hotel or something?

Now I will have a serious blog post in the coming week regarding the Church and how its fucked up the minds of many black gay/bisexual men and women!

Stephanie Mills – Home

Here is the classic song “Home” by the one and only Stephanie Mills from the Tony Award winning play The Wiz. I wasn’t able to see it live on Broadway where she was the original Dorothy but I did get the see the film in 1978. She was robbed of the role by that battle ax Diana Ross, which I must admit was some of her best singing only after Lady Sings the Blues. But I digress.

Get into this video of Stephanie Mills (with her original nose) singing “Home” on a TV show hosted by Sammy Davis Jr. Also get a kick out of her “sista girl” WTF look when the band messes up at 1:37 into the video. Classic! LOL

After the video, I have a link to a Rare and I do mean Rare version of “Home”. It’s a mid tempo/disco version of the song! Very Cute!

Now here is the the disco version of Home by Stephanie Mills!

Gay Iraqi Veteran Anthony Woods Runs for U.S. House in California

Twenty-eight-year-old West Point graduate Anthony Woods led two combat units in Iraq and received a master’s degree in public policy from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government before being discharged for being coming out as gay. Woods is running in a special election in California’s 10th Congressional District where he grew up. If elected, he would become the first black openly gay representative in Congress.

The seat for California’s 10th will become vacant later this month when Rep. Ellen Tauscher resigns to become the Obama Administration’s Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security. The East Bay district has a solid Democratic majority and Tauscher has been one of the strongest supporter of LGBT rights in Congress. Tauscher has been the leader on repealing the military’s failed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy.

Get into his campaign video!

"Being Gay is a Gift From God"

I’ve always believed I was born Gay. This was not a “choice” as many religious zealots say. Like I want to choose a life where I’m ridiculed, scorned and possibly killed for loving a man! So how refreshing to hear this snippet from a man of the cloth, Rev. Ed Bacon of All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena, California state clearly to a young man struggling with his sexuality that you are a child of God and not a mistake.

This was on the Oprah show awhile ago but still nonetheless powerful message from a man who truly knows God!

Get into the clip below!